Principal’s Message


We are proudly St. Malachy's and we have so much to share about what our little school has to offer.  So much so, we invite you to join us in some of the happenings laid out in our booklet.  Come and see how passionate, nurturing and rich learning can be.  Having just completed our five-yearly review, we feel really proud to share with you how happy and safe our students feel.  In their words, "They (teachers) have our backs," and it couldn't be more true.  Aside from each child's parents, we feel like we’re their biggest cheer squad supporting them to achieve their academic and personal learning goals.

As a result of this, sound parent-teacher-student relationships, our classrooms are calm and content.  Does this make the learning boring?  Absolutely not!  This means we are able to plan highly engaging lessons across the curriculum and immerse our students into the most exciting activities and hands on experiences week in week out.

The staff at St. Malachy's are so passionate about what they do, they have been known to organise whole school day trips to see musicals such as the Lion King, Shrek and Storm Boy in Melbourne or whole school sleep overs to study astrology!  We are proud to be a little school with a big heart, big ambitions and big opportunities.  Now we invite you...

Kind Regards

John O’Sullivan